How to Not Over Pack for a Long Weekend Away

Weekend Getaway Bag

Pack and Then Take Half Out
You always pack more than you think you need. So when packing for a long weekend, do a run through and pack everything you think you need and then unpack half. It may seem cruel, but this tip will save you from bringing four pairs of jeans and eight necklaces when you really just need one of each. It could also save you a hefty baggage fee, if flying.

Take a Small Tote
If you’re the type of girl who needs to bring four pairs of shoes for four days away, then stop yourself before your over pack yourself with a small tote or carryon. This may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprise at the size of luggage we’ve seen our girlfriends bring for just a few nights away. Without as much space, you're forced to go back to tip one and take out half of what you don't really need.

Pack Wedges
On a long weekend away, wedges are your best friend. You can dress wedges down with jeans for daytime exploring and then at night, pair those same wedges with a skirt or dress. Of course, this depends on what you were able to fit into your luggage without over packing, which brings us to what clothes you should bring on a long weekend away.

Bring Versatile Clothes
According to Real Simple, less is more when it comes to packing for overnight trips and long weekends away. Bring a pair of white capris, a black top, evening tank top, black or tan shorts and if you’re going to the beach, a bathing suit. These clothes are great for mixing and matching, leaving you with plenty of outfit options.

Coordinate Toiletries
Chances are you’re not going away alone. If you’re headed out with your significant other, coordinate your toiletries. You both don’t need your own travel size shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste … you get the idea. And if you’re going away with your girlfriends, not only can you coordinate toiletries, but you can also coordinate clothes multiplying your outfits infinitely.

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