How to Make High Heels More Comfortable to Wear

Ancient torture devices of beauty, originally worn by kings, high heels now grace the feet of women from the ages of 14 to forever! Had we known how uncomfortable they could be to wear, we may have kept to our flats… but now it’s too late. We’re in love with the way they look and make us feel, up until the point when we’re worn them just a little too long.

High heels are worn with a definitely and deliberate purpose in mind and I can assure you, it’s not comfort! But does that mean that high heels need to always be, uncomfortable? NO! We’ve got the secret tips and heel fixes that can make your high heels feel as great as they look.


Tips to Making your High Heels More Comfortable


  1. Proper heel fit. The number one cause of heel discomfort is always going to be ill-fitting heels. Having shoes that fit your feet properly is a must when it comes to comfort of any shoe, not just high heels.


Make sure the heels fit snug with enough breathing room in regards to both width and length. You want enough room that your feet don’t lose circulation or get restricted, allowing them space to swell, yet don’t slide or slide off your heels when you walk, causing blisters, chaffing and instability.


  1. Break them in. While some heels are made to wear out of the box, depending on the quality, style and brand, other pairs of high heels may need a little time to break in, give and move to the shape and flex of your own feet.  


Before any big event, make sure you break your heels in! Especially weddings and other special events, the last thing you want to be is uncomfortable. Wear them around the house for short periods of time until they conform and soften up and don’t restrict the movement of your feet.


  1. Choose your materials wisely. Some materials give better than others. Leather especially will stretch and conform to your feet, while synthetic leather may not be as forgiving and ultimately be more constricting on your toes.


  1. Use cushions and heel pads. Nothing wrong with a little help to make your favorite pair of high heels more enjoyable. Because high heels displace your body and foot’s natural balance, they can cause soreness to form at the balls and heels of your feet.


Personally, I have cushions and heel pads in every pair of heels I own whether I need them or not! Preventing discomfort is just as important and there’s nothing wrong with making your heels even more comfortable!

Solemates offers the most amazing Ball of Foot Cushions on the market. Not only do they dissipate pressure on the balls of your feet, they include Pedi-Sole technology which gives way to the added comfort of feeling like you’re walking on clouds! 

They come in packs of 3 and could possibly be the thinnest and most effective insole the world has ever seen. They are the number one necessity for blissful high heel comfort, and they are amazing when used in other types of shoes as well. You can get them here:

Ball of Foot Cushions 


  1. Solemates High Heel Guards for Proper Fit. These are an amazing invention for reducing foot friction inside your high heel, and perfect for when your foot is an “in-between” size. They close the gap, stabilizing your foot, allowing it to be perfectly snug and secure, while still comfortable and breathable. They prevent blisters and keep heel swelling to a minimum due to reduced friction.


You can check out the Solemates High Heel guards here:



  1. Get off your HIGH HEELS! (LITERALLY) If a heel is too painful to walk in, you may want to try wearing a heel that is a bit shorter. They put less stress on your calves and the balls of your feet, less awkward weight displacement, and are easier to walk in overall. They look just as great and no one will notice the difference of a 3 inch heel vs a 5 inch one, except that you’ll be walking boldly and gracefully instead of gingerly and tenderfoot all evening!


  1. Blister Blocker. High heel blister blockers are lifesavers. Addressing heel issues before they become heel issues is the best way to stay comfortable at all times while wearing them.


While there are many blister blockers on the market, many of them are made from harsh chemicals, smell awful and are greasy, leaving residue on your feet and shoes. 

Solemates Blister Blocker Anti-Friction Balm is just the opposite. It’s unscented, safe for your feet, won’t ruin your shoes and most importantly provides an invisible layer of blister prevention protection that will keep you on your heels, dancing all night.

You can check out the Solemates Blister Blocker here:



  1. Give Your Feet a Break. Don’t be afraid to sit down every once in awhile and let the blood flow return to your toes! No matter how great your heels fit, or what preventatives you have in place, standing on your feet in any pair of shoes for extended periods of time can cause discomfort. Don’t forget to kick your heels up every now and then and relax!


  1. Opt for a Thicker Heel. The thinner and higher the heel, the more difficult it will be to walk in, and ultimately more painful the heel will be at the end of the night. If you are struggling to find comfort in high heels, look for ones that have thicker heels, (providing more support) and that have less of an incline (lower heel height) so it’s less stress on your feet to support. Platforms are a great way to get height, but boots with a medium size heel may be among my favorites.

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