How to Get a Salon Quality Home Pedicure for Sexy Summer Feet

1. Say Hello to Baby Feet

Nothing is better than soft feet after getting a pedicure, but who has the patience to file away at their feet they've been hiding all winter long? Baby Foot is here to help! This foot peel can be a little scary when you first try it out, but the end results are incredible. This product is made with 17 types of natural extracts that penetrate into the layers of your feet to not only allow the dead skin to peel, but also add moisture. It may take a few days to see results, but the final outcome will last for weeks!

2. Detail Work

The next step in obtaining salon worthy feet is to prepare your toes for polish. This is the most essential step in ensuring your nail polish will last for days! Start by trimming & filing your nails to a desired length. Next, push back your cuticles to lengthen your nail bed and create an overall smoother look. Finish off with cuticle oil to ensure long lasting hydration!


3. Perfectly Polished

Now for the fun part! Your polished nails will look impeccable thanks to your prep work. Start with a base coat to allow for minimal staining and increase the longevity of your polish. To make the painting process easier, think about investing in a brush extender. This will not only help with painting your toes, but also when using your non-dominant hand. After your nails have fully dried, finish off with a top coat to ensure your nails last for as long as possible!


4. Finishing Touch 

Just like the salon, the final step to your at-home pedicure is to moisturize! Using an intense foot cream will enhance your beautiful work. To nourish even deeper, consider applying the cream at night and wearing it with a pair of socks. You can even purchase socks with built-in moisturizing properties! 


  Follow these steps and everyone will think you paid top dollar for your stunning pedicure! Don’t worry…we won’t tell. 

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