How to Ask A Guy to Prom

Favorite Food 


Food is the way to a man’s heart, so why not include his favorite in your proposal? Get creative by actually incorporating the word "Prom" on the food. If this won't work, try writing it on the box or packaging. This is an adorable way to ask! If there is food involved you know he will say yes. 



Whether your future date plays baseball or basketball, using their sport to ask them will make it an extra special promposal. Bonus points if you incorporate their favorite sports team!

TV Show & Movies


There are so many ways to use his favorite TV show or movie to help you ask him to prom. Try using a quote or from a show or movie you both love. 



Go for something romantic if you're dating the guy you want to ask to prom! This will be a lasting memory for you both to share. Although big promposals are fun and memorable, smaller ones can have a lasting impression as well. 

Let us know how you did it and what you found works or didn't work!

Remember, everyone loves to be asked, it's flattering to them and so kind of you! Have FUN with it and don't take it too seriously. 

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