How 2 'Shark Tank' entrepreneurs transformed a class project idea into a national retail success


Your heels were made for walking — and thanks to Becca Brown and Monica Ferguson, the days of sinking into grass or getting stuck in a sidewalk crack are over.

The duo behind Solemates, the shoe accessory company, is changing the world for women with their innovative high heel protectors.

Solemates spawned from a class project at Columbia Business School, and has since taken on a life of its own. Before the duo appeared on "Shark Tank" their yearly sales topped $1 million; since then, business has only gotten better.

Brown said that Solemates "recently rolled out to 4,000 CVS Stores as a part of their new 'Fabulous Fashion Extras,' and are also sold by their checkout in another 5,000 CVS Stores." Solemates has also added shoe fresheners, and a blister relief balm to their high heel empire.

Increased sales and an expanded product line would be good news for any entrepreneur. However, Ferguson said those successes surprisingly aren't the highlight of their Shark Tank experience.

She explained: "...It has put us in a unique group of Shark Tank Alums. We found ourselves in ongoing dialogues with many other brands that were on the show and we are constantly sharing resources, best practices and bouncing ideas off of each other. It's been an unexpected and awesome perk."

Want to know if the Solemates found their business soulmate on the panel? Find out who they made a deal with on Shark Tank Sunday at 9P ET on CNBC.|email&par=sharebar

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