Hottest Summer Shoe Trends of 2017

Try out some of our favorite summer shoe trends of 2017! 


Glove Pumps

These are perfect shoe for when you want to combine comfort and style! The “glove” portion hugs your toes so they won’t slip off and the low heel height provides all day relief. No pedicure needed for this summer shoe!


Show off your tan legs by wearing fun stilettos in bright, fun colors! Not only will tall heels lengthen your legs, they'll complete any outfit. Make sure to pair your favorite stiletto with our high heelers! They will allow you to walk on grass and uneven surfaces to provide you with stability. They will also protect your shoes from any dirt or damage cause by the ground. 

Ankle Tie Sandals




Ankle tie shoes are super popular for the summertime. They complete any outfit and allow you to show off your legs! 



These back-less shoes are just as popular now than they were in the fall. Trade in your suede mules for a lighter and more breathable style. These woven ones are perfect for letting your feet breath on a humid summer day.




Slides are the perfect shoe for pairing with a casual summer outfit! They are also perfect for wearing to the pool or beach.  





Adding a platform to a traditional flat shoe elevates the look and gives you some height, too! For the summer, try sticking with light fabrics to make the shoe breathable. These from Toms will go perfect with any warm weather outfit!  

Kitten Heels

Summer is the perfect time to take a break from your five inch heels! Try out a pair of kitten heels from your favorite brand. There are many styles to choose from that will elevate any outfit!

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