Get One, Give One. Help us help the frontline healthcare workers.


Helping the Heroes

N95 masks, while crucial, are causing chafing on the faces of the frontline healthcare workers who are wearing them. Our Anti-friction balm is stopping the chafe. 

Healthcare worker chafe n95 mask

Over the last few weeks, we have received a handful of emails from frontline healthcare workers.  They have kindly asked us to consider giving them discounts or donations on some of our products.  

Naturally, we assumed they meant our shoe-comfort products would be the most desired, ball of foot cushions, heel guards and anti-skid pads.  Long hours on their feet would be making their feet tired and sore.

What we had not expected was that it was our ANTI FRICTION balm that they were seeking; and not just for their feet. 

A clever nurse or doctor had tried the balm on their face. Our balm, made from pure and natural ingredients is the salve that they need to prevent these painful sores.

For every Blister Blocker purchased between now and 5/15, we will be donating a tube to a frontline healthcare worker.  

The more you buy, the more we can give.

Anti Friction

Thank you for making a difference. 

Please see some image from a recent drop off/donation to nurses at Mt. Sinai in New York City by our cofounder, Becca Brown.

Donation to Nurses



Our customers are the best and are helping to make this donation possible. 



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  • Christina Folinus

    Saw this on Good Day New York and what a wonderful idea! Out daughter is a nurse and has to wear
    the n95 all day and has issues just like the pictures. Got it for her, THANKS!!!

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