Heel Stoppers to Walk on Grass at Weddings and Prevent Sinking

Women love to look their best at weddings, outdoor events and parties have always had one big question…


“How do I stop my high heels from sinking into the grass?”

Stopping heel sinking in the grass while wearing shoes with spikes the diameter and shape of two golf tees used to be impossible.  Unless you were ready for the quad workout of a lifetime and were extremely gifted at balancing all of your weight on the balls of your feet while in stilettos, sinking was inevitable.  Nothing more elegant that a bunch of beautiful women constantly shifting their feet to stay above sea level, stumbling across the lawn or holding onto their dates for balance all because they look great in heels.  There used to be no way to stop sinking in the grass until now.

Solemates High Heelers: The Wedding Grass Sinking Stoppers

These beautifully and ingeniously designed “heel sinking stoppers” are a wedding attire must have.  When placed at the tip of your heel, Solemates High Heelers instantly stop your heels from sinking in the lawn, dirt, sand or soft ground.  By increasing the surface area of your heel tip, they turn your spike into a stable platform that prevents them from sliding into the earth, forcing you to stay on your toes all day.

They come in 3 sizes to ensure a perfect fit, and a variety of colors including clear and black to match any style of shoe you want to wear outdoors.  Solemates heel stoppers won’t damage your heel tips and can be removed at any time.  

Get Solemates:

Stop your wedding guests from sinking at your outdoor wedding   

Planning an outdoor wedding?  You’ll definitely want to give a pair to each of your bridesmaids to help them navigate hours of cobblestones, gravel and walking across lawns and gardens while you and your photographers search out the best location for the perfect wedding photos!  Its the least you can do to make sure they gracefully endure a full day in the uncomfortable bridesmaid dresses you picked out.

Your guests may not be as equally prepared either!  Having Solemates High Heel Stoppers on hand as favors for your “well heeled” guests is a great way to make sure your wedding is a memorial experience, and not because your mother-in-law fell face first into the wedding cake after her heels sank into a grassy knoll by the buffet table!  

Solemates are sold in bulk for just these occasions!   Check out our bridal bundles and gift sets to keep your guests head over heels on your very special day.

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