Grass Walking: How to Keep High Heels from Sinking into the Lawn or Grass

Fact: High Heels are simply not made for walking on your grass or lawn.

Actually, I will go as far to say that if there was a style of shoe that couldn’t be less made for walking on the grass, the high heel is definitely it.  Just like a shovel, their tapered shape makes them perfectly designed to do exactly what they do when you try… sink into the ground quickly and easily!  

Take a beautiful stiletto with a spiked heel that doesn't even have the surface area of a dime and put it on a wet, soft, grassy lawn and you’ve got yourself an instant garden dibber for planting bulbs and seedlings.  

Women, especially brides, bridesmaids and prom dates around the world stumbling across lawns during photoshoots, and ruining their favorite pair of pumps, know how fast those high heels can sink into the ground.  Plaguing weddings, outdoor events and parties everywhere, grass walking in heels has always been nothing short of a nightmare, not to mention a quick way to ruin a beautiful pair of shoes… until now.   

Fact: Solemates High Heelers are made specifically to help you walk across your lawn and prevent sinking in high heels!  

Soulmates are defined as something ideally suited to another, sometimes as a close friend or a romantic partner.   Solemates grass walking High Heeler Caps are the soulmates of your high heels.  Never before has there been such a perfect pairing or love affair between two objects brought together by function, fate, and two extremely ingenious entrepreneurs who invented the idea after struggling to walk across their own lawns in heels!  

The clever heel caps make the impossible (heel grass-walking) possible.   

Solemates High Heelers caps are removable, flexible, discrete heel caps that come in one of three sizes to fit perfectly onto the tip of your high heels to increase it’s surface area.  By doing so, the weight pressing down on your heel tip is displaced further, preventing your heel from sinking directly down into the soil, sending you off balance and ruining your shoes.

As if making grass walking possible wasn’t enough, they also prevent your heels from getting damaged or snagged in sidewalk/pavement cracks, gravel or cobblestone.

You can check them out here:

A must have for outdoor weddings and their guests, brides and bridal parties that intend to take photos on the grass, and any outdoor event, party or picnic setting that takes place on the lawn.  No more stumbling in your pretty sun dresses.  Walking on grass in heels at formal events could not be easier!

Heels’ you all you grass walking stiletto wearers out there!

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  • Aneesha Albert

    Hi there.

    Great product, just discovered you on Shark Tank on youtube.

    Please tell me, is this sold in South Africa? If not,,then how do we order it here?

    Thanks ladies for this ingenious invention that solves an age old problem.

    Kind Regards

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