Graduation Survival

The end is near. Exams, finals, papers, essays, presentations, and dissertations all must come to an end.  Years of study and sacrifice; of stress and sleeplessness come together and are marked by the presentation of a diploma.  Whether you were enrolled on scholarship, at a tuition-free institution, or with massive loans, graduation day marks the end of academic bliss and the beginning of the real world (unless you are on course to become an academic). 

Graduation ceremonies are transitions. You enter in one form and you leave in another. They are sort of magical, if you think about it.  There are only a handful of life events that have the same transformative power - weddings, graduations..and criminal court? I digress.  

Graduations are celebrations but so often the celebratory elements of the day get overlooked. But pomp and pageantry can only take someone so far. Being outside, on the grass, in the sun (or rain), surrounded by other humans, flowers, bugs, chairs, and children, is a recipe for disaster (well, at least mishaps).

We've come up with a list of the best products for Graduation season:

  1. Fan. Hand held, not electric. Better than the program. Lighter to wave and built for just the one function.
  2. Tissues. A good speech might lead to waterworks. Or at least sniffles. 
  3. Hat. Sunglasses will NOT get the job done. You need to cover your face. A cute sun-visor can also get the job done. Obv sunglasses are with you at all times; this is not an exception. 
  4. Mints. You will be sitting closely to other people and you may not know them all. introduce yourself with confidence.
  5. Solemates. Duh. You're outside in the grass in heel. Think we'd miss an opportunity for self-promotion?
  6. Ear buds.  No judgement. Some of those speeches ramble. 
  7. Bug repellent wipes. A spray might be aggressive.  A wipe is subtle. Gets the job done.
  8. Bottle of water. Stay hydrated. Always.
  9. Hair band.  It's nice to have options. If you are getting really hot, putting your hair back and up is always a nice idea.
  10. Scarf or large handkerchief.  To sit on.  The chairs can be dirty, covered in pollen or wet.  Bring a COTTON scarf or handkerchief to have something to wipe down the seat and something to sit on. 




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