Fringe: Fashion Friend or Foe?

Fringe as a fashion trend can be a divisive subject among friends. Many fashion-forward folks see the value in the newest trend. Others are not as easily swayed by the New York Fashion Week runway.

Ways to Wear Fringe:
If you're going to dive into the fringe trend here are a few tips for nailing a fringeworthy outfit:

Girl with Black Fringe Dress
Photo by Marina De Giovanni
1. Dresses
Dresses might be the easiest way to wear fringe and this beautiful dress by Malene Birger Dress from Christensen Copenhagen is simply an exquisite example.

Blue Fringe Handbag

Photo from PurseBlog

2. Handbags
If you're going to rock a fringe handbag, could there be anything better than this Gucci Bamboo Suede Fringe Shopper Tote Bag?! Yes, it's expensive, but it sure is pretty and one heck of a way to own the fringe trend this spring.

Spring Fringe Jacket
Photo by Fab Le Frique

3. Spring Coats
Even though it's spring, the recent weather has been chilly to say the least. A great way to incporate the fringe trend is through a light spring coat like this one as modeled by Fab Le Frique.

Reasons to Avoid Fringe:
It's not exactly a user-friendly fashion trend. And while we've seen ladies killing it with leather fringe skirts paired with black pumps, others aren't so sure of incorporating fringe into their summer wardrobe. And with fashion trends moving faster than Carrie Bradshaw heading to a Jimmy Choo sale, who can blame them?

If you want a safer fashion trend from New York Fasion Week, try dresses in bright orange and pink. No matter the fashion trend you choose, as long as you wear it with complete confidence in just how fabulous you are, you will rock it.

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