Footwear Trends for Fall

It's hard to believe, but fall is only weeks away. If you're like most people, you've probably spent the better part of the last 5 months wearing slippers, sneakers, or comfortable shoes and might be getting tired of that. Well, we have good news: there are some really cool trends shaping up for fall, so you can stay comfortable but refresh your look and maybe even lift your mood. 

Stylist Lana Blanc, owner and director of The Blanc House, shares the following:

With so many of us working from home (with no end in sight), it's looking a lot like casual Friday everyday for the foreseeable future. Heels are definitely becoming synonymous with (very) special occasions and taking their place are espadrille wedges and leather sandals. For fall, wedges and sandals are going to be replaced with boots but the platform isn't going anywhere soon - neither is the combat boot trend.

On the casual front, trekky sandals and birkenstocks will see us through summer but once temperatures start dropping, platform sneakers will be back with a vengeance.

Since sneakers are a mainstay for the forseeable future, how about some slightly dressed up sneakers that you can pretty much wear for any occasion? 

Wendy Agudelo of Cocktail Sneakers says they are redefining sneaker culture for women. She says that there is a "greater lean towards casual wear given shelter in place orders, limited travel and overall restrictions. Yet, because many are still mobile (whether shopping for groceries, doing local travel, etc.) people are still “dressing” for al fresco dining and local activities, so they are wearing footwear, but more casual styles. Cocktail Sneakers aims to give them a sophisticated and stylish way to be comfortable and dressy whether wearing dresses, skirts, shorts, capris or jeans."

If you are wanting to get even more dressed up, another classic is back for fall 2020: The Mary Jane. The time-tested style offers both function and flair and with so many variations, you have no shortage of choices. This beauty below is from Ally Shoes.


Happy (almost) Fall!

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