Footcare Tips for the Winter

Oftentimes, we take our feet for granted. In the winter, when we shove our feet into winter boots, we forget that they are the same feet that we slip into heels and sandals in the summer. To keep your feet hydrated and beautiful all winter long, here are some of our favorite tips and products.

  1. Pedicures!

If you needed a good reason to pamper yourself this winter, look no further. Pedicures are a great way to keep your feet primped and prepped for the warmer months, and are such a treat during winter when our feet are usually cold, dry, and in need of love. Be sure to go to a place you trust, with clean supplies and a sanitary salon area.

  1. Babyfoot peel

I discovered the baby foot peel a few weeks ago, and it definitely did not disappoint. The peel is pretty much a chemical peel for your feet, and after an application time 1 hour, your dead skin peels off (google with caution) over the course of about a week, revealing soft, beautiful skin underneath. This peel is perfect for the colder months because our feet are concealed every day so the baby foot can do its job. The results are truly amazing, and I know that I will definitely be reordering again, just before the summer starts.


  1. Blister Blocker

Nobody has ever said “I love blisters.” So, naturally (seriously, all natural ingredients) we created a solution to a problem that no one ever wants to face. Using Solemates Blister Blocker preventatively before wearing blister-inducing shoes leaves you worry free all day, and you can spend the money you would have been spending on band-aids on a brand new tube to show everyone you know your new best friend.


  1. Freshen

Your winter boots are tried and true, and they show it (and smell like it). Save your roommates or family’s noses by spritzing them Freshen, bringing new life and a better aroma to your shoes. Freshen is an antibacterial spray that is all natural, guaranteed to leave your shoes smelling fresh with a baby powder scent. Who knew winter boots could smell so clean? We did!

  1. Moisturizing

Keeping your feet hydrated with a thick cream during the winter gives them the barrier they need to prevent from cracking and feeling and looking dry. Some of our favorites include Udderly Smooth, Egyptian Magic, and Kiehl’s.


We can’t wait to break out our summery shoes again, and we hope that these tips are helping you prepare and take good care of yourself this winter.

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