Five Reasons to Visit a Shoe Store

The pandemic taught us a lot of things about ourselves, not the least of which was that we all seem to adapt pretty well when circumstances challenge our status quo. 

Sweats > Jeans

Messy Bun > Blow out

Delivery > Store

Stores, from department to the local boutique have suffered tremendously from our shift in shopping patterns. Not only have high heels been collecting dust for 14 months, but the stores that house them have been put under incredible pressure.  Its so easy to buy online (and read content like this online) but stores offer a few things that websites, no matter how dynamic, just can't replace.

Here are 5 reasons I love to shop in stores:

(1) Images may appear differently online than they do IRL.  How much of what we consume is photoshopped, color-edited, fiction? IRL you see what you get. There is no being mislead. Buyer need no beware!

(2) Human interaction. Is your husband/boyfriend/SP/SO/roommate really the best style advisor for you? People that work in stores know of what they speak. Having you be happy means more sales for them down the road. You should trust their opinions and hear their style ideas. Some of my favorite purchases were sales-people suggested goods that I would have never selected otherwise (and no, the algorithm is NOT the same thing)

(3) Local Businesses are the lifeblood of the local economy. If you want to prevent more empty store fronts, support those that are still there. 

(4) Getting out of your house is important. Change it up. Stretch your legs. Engage with humans. Brush up on your social skills. 

(5) What's coming. Have you ever been on a website that listed all of the styles that were coming soon?  Rarely do they do this unless they can sell them to you...but stores know what is coming and they can tell you to wait. They can tell you to come back next week or month. They can tell you the style you love is on sale or they can give you a discount on the spot just never know. 

There is so much upside in the in person experience - social, economic, mental health, and even style-wise. 

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