Fergie Says Pregnancy Changed her View on Shoes

From what it looks like, celebrities handle pregnancy with style and grace. They even do it in high heels - a feat some women wouldn't even think of attempting. Some may argue that it makes sense to swap your stilettos for flats for a few months while your body goes through changes head to toe (hello, foot swelling!), but with the right shoe, any woman can have her heels and walk in them too for all 9 months.



Take it from Fergie, pregnancy pro, who won't let anything get in the way of her style. While being practical is a priority, she says that doesn't stop her from still getting use out of her heels.


“My everyday heels have become lower, but on the other hand I’m still a woman — and women like to dress up — so high heels are still very much in the mix!” Fergie divulged her secrets to People Magazine, and we are listening.


If heels during pregnancy are Fergie approved, sign us up! Don't forget a pack of Solemates Shoe Essentials and some Solemates Blister Blocker to protect your feet from anything and everything that life throws your way. 


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