Fashionista Kate Bosworth Is Launching A Shoe Line with Matisse!

Kate Bosworth launches shoe line

Fashion icon Kate Bosworth is starting a shoe line. Yes!!!! This woman has never made a fashion mistake so her shoe line is sure to be amazing! 

She is working on the launch with Matisse Footwear. Bosworth has spent the past six months developing her first footwear collection and hopes to debut it at retailers like Nordstrom, and Madison in March.

But if you think this is going to be all about the impossibly high heels, you'd be wrong. Bosworth is better known for her more flowy, alternative style and her shoes will reflect that (think a lot of short, funky booties). "The truth is, shoes have to be wearable and functional," Bosworth told WWD. "There are some women who wear 7-inch stilettos and run around. That's not me. That's not the collection. I want to feel comfortable and also very fashionable in my life."

Each shoe design is inspired by an event in Bosworth's life. From her breakout film "Blue Crush" to her love of the Dallas Cowboys. "Each pair has a story," she said. "I feel I can express myself with a hint instead of screaming for attention."

Kate Bosworth inspired shoes

The line will run from $295 to $505.

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