Derby Fashion Guide

Aside from the race itself, the most important thing about the Kentucky Derby is your outfit! The Derby has always had a tradition for its women wearing colorful dresses and over-the-top hats. Some even plan their outfits months in advance. Here are some tips to help you win the fashion race!

If you’re new to the Derby fashion world, wearing an enormous hat may not fit your style. You can still be involved in this tradition by trying a fascinator. They’re an adorable option that will complete your outfit!


When picturing the dress you want to wear, try to stick to one color to keep it simple. You want your hat to stand out. Try checking out Vineyard Vines, the official style sponsor of the Kentucky Derby, or Lilly Pulitzer.  They have tons of options to fit everyone’s personality!


Since the Kentucky Derby lasts all day, sticking to a small clutch will be your best option. You can even purchase our Horse Shoe Rescue Set to ensure all of your emergencies will be covered in a compact size. If you decide you need a larger bag, make sure it doesn’t exceed the 12” limit.


Keep your jewelry simple to properly compliment your outfit. This is the time to let your dress and hat shine! Try to stick with subtle bracelets and classy pearls.


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