Pandemic Style Advice - Why You Don't Have to (And Shouldn't) Let Yourself Go Completely

For the last 4 months, the days have been strange, scary, and at times monotnous without our old routines in place breaking up the time. Since we have all been more homebound, a lot of us have altered our personal fashion style. We've swapped suits and heels for yoga pants and slippers. But while that is much more comfortable and practical especially when working from home, is it really the best thing for us? We recently spoke with Lana Blanc, acclaimed NYC based Fashion Stylist and owner of The Blanc House about pandemic 'style' and why we should care about it.

What trends have you seen since the pandemic began?

I don't remember the last time I opened Instagram and didn't see a plethora of sweatsuits, tie-dye, and dad sneakers with tube socks but clients have been moving away from "trends" and more towards what I refer to as "elevated basics" and items that are easy to mix-and-match. Instead of a basic white t-shirt they want something with a puff sleeve or a shoulder pad like the The Frankie Shop's Eva Padded Shoulder Muscle T-Shirt that has gained a cult following and has since been reimagined into the Tina Padded Shoulder Muscle Dress.
Why is taking care of our appearance important, even when we're not going out as much?
This has come up a lot recently while talking to clients and I always return to the phrase "messy bed, messy head". Like your bed, your appearance has a huge influence on your mindset throughout the day and a small act can make a huge impact. You don't need to scrub the floor - or wear five inch heels, you can make your bed - or in this case, put on a headband and some mascara and feel a world of difference.
What are your tips on how to look and feel better during this time?
Take a few minutes to do something for yourself - this is even more important if you're a mom and your stresses are compounded! Take a long bath, have a glass of wine, lather on that overpriced face cream you purchased months ago and have yet to try, meditate, exercise, or take a walk (just don't forget your mask ;-). 
Any suggestions for buying online (since so many of us are doing that these days)?
Read the return policy - then reread it! Since a lot of my services have switched to
virtual I've spent more time than ever shopping for clients online and reading return policies and I'll admit that they can be a bit daunting, even for me.
Keep an eye out for when the return window starts. For example, for some stores a 30 day return window starts when you "place your order", for others it can start when they "ship your order" and there are those that start the clock when you "receive your order".
Another great option is to use a "Try Before You Buy" service (e.g. Prime Wardrobe)

As a Stylist, I've developed relationships with numerous retailers and designers that allow me to pull items "on consignment". What that means is I can request items for clients and am only charged for the items they decide to purchase. This is great for my clients because I'm able to offer them additional sizes and styles and it's great for me because I can do so without having to lay out - in most cases - thousands of dollars in order to do so.

Amazon is just one of the retailers that is now offering the same service to consumers via Prime Wardrobe. This new shopping model lets you choose up to 8 items for (up to) a 7-day try-on period and the selection itself is endless with 20,000+ options in women's dresses alone.

Before the 7-day try-on period is over all you have to do is decide which items you'd like to keep and which you'd like to return. Then, you check out online and are only charged for the items you decide to keep. The rest of the items are sent back with free and easy returns that are actually free and easy thanks to a resealable box and prepaid label.

Anything else you'd like to share?
If you hate shopping or just aren't great at putting looks together - hire a Personal Stylist and outsource everything to a professional! Stylists aren't just for celebrities anymore and with styling services ranging from (roughly) $40-400 per hour you can find one for just about any budget. 
For more information, check out Lana's below:

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