Conditioning Your Leather High Heels and Boots

Whoever said high heels are the foundation of your wardrobe was right.  Figuratively and literally!   Your shoes support you every step of the day, and unlike shirts, dresses and pants, they are constantly in direct contact with harsh and damaging materials such as concrete, sand, water, salt, wood, linoleum, and more.  Your heels not only make your feet look amazing, they protect them from cuts, scrapes, bruises, cracking and drying.  Thousands of steps per day, it’s only right that you give them the same protection!  

Cleaning Leather Shoes Vs. Conditioning Leather Shoes

Your high heels and leather boots have no way of restoring lost moisture sustained though daily wear.  Conditioning your leather footwear is essential in their beauty and longevity.  Weather and elements take hold of your shoes on a daily basis causing them to get dirty, scuff, scratch, and build up residue that draw out the moisture within the leather.

While keeping your leather shoes clean is very important, keeping them conditioned is even more so.  Cleaning simply removes dirt and stains from their surface and can even sometimes cause them to dry out if harsh cleaners are used to remove elements. Conditioning is the process of restoring moisture into your shoes which keeps the leather strong, preventing additional damage or wear and tear.  A good conditioner will absorb deep into your shoes and restore flexibility to the fibers that can otherwise bend and tear as you walk.  

Think of it in terms of hair care.  If you allow your hair to become dry and brittle, it will become weak, and break and split.  Your leather boots and high heels are no different.  Your shoe conditioner does for your shoes what that bottle of Moroccan oil treatment will do for your hair.  The conditioner is absorbed by your shoe’s leather, strengthening it by filling in the micro tears, cracks and imperfections, and soaking into it’s fiber, softening the leather and restoring it’s deep rich color.  The conditioner puts moisture back into your shoes, and creates a protective layer that prevents shoes from not only losing moisture, but works as a dust and damage repellent the same way your car wax repels the same.  

Solemates have an amazing leather shoe conditioner that is perfect for all leather products you put on your feet, such as high heels, boots, sandals and shoes, but also amazing on leather accessories such as purses, belts and jewelry.  It comes in two forms a Leather Salve and a Leather Cream both with non-toxic, and all natural ingredients that are safe for everyone.  Perfect for restoring shine, strength and softness to even the most worn out pair of pumps!

Conditioning is even a great way to help break in a new pair of stiff leather shoes as well, so don’t be afraid to condition before you wear to promote softness and flexibility.  Your new shoes may have lost moisture in the store.

For optimal shoe care and longevity, keep your leather shoes conditioned once a month.

 You can grab a jar here:

Take that extra “step” in heel care and keep your beloved pumps strong and conditioned!

Don’t forget to buff!  A conditioned shoe needs a good buff to bring out the leather’s shine to it’s fullest.   is gentle on shoes while bringing out your post conditioned shine in even the most weathered of footwear!

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