Clever Ways to Ask your Friends to be your Bridesmaids

 You’re engaged and you’re over the moon with excitement. You’ve called, texted, Facebook messenger'd, snap-storied and Instagram'd your news to the world.  In response, you’ve been hearing from friends, classmates, work colleagues, and your next-door neighbor from growing up’s best friend from camp’s first cousin…in other words, the well wishes and well-wishers are coming from all corners of the world.

Receiving lots of calls

Because there are so many inputs and variables that determine who makes the big list, you do not have to immediately think about who makes the wedding guest list. Wait on that. But what you should work on is who will comprise your bridal party. 

What’s the point of a bridal party?

The point of a bridal party is to help.  They are your go-to group of friends and family who, in addition to filling out wedding photos and the front of the church or garden, are there to help you make decisions (peonies or roses, tea length or long, up or down, studs or dangly, veil or tiara, etc.).  They are there to help you get ready on the day of the wedding and keep you calm as well as excited.  They are there to remind you that this one day is really all about you. They are your confidents and your supporters.

Seen here: gorgeous Jess is surrounded by her bridesmaids as one puts Solemates on her stilettos. 


How to pop the question:

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a casual text, email or phone call to ask a friend to be in your bridal party, there are so many ways to make this special honor a special event.

1. Find a piece of jewelry to give them all that will unite them as your girls or find (or make) a pre-made card like:

Bridesmaid Necklace 

2. Give them something they can't say no to like a Deluxe Bridesmaid survival kit from Solemates.  These cute bags come with everything you could possible ever think of (and somethings you probably never dreamed of) as well as a pair of their patented and life changed heel protectors. 

Solemates Bridesmaid Rescue Kit

3. Go old school and make her a mix on a CD (!) or more likely create a custom play list of songs that you know you both love and have meaning to you.

Mixed Tape 

4. OMG.  Customize a cosie. I dont care how formal and fancy you aspire your wedding to be; a cosie is fun and light, and these are kitchy and hilarious. I "mustache" you a question.... I must give you advice. Be a cool bride and don't take yourself too seriously. It's a wedding, not a coronation. 

Custom Cosie

5. Temp Tattoos (maybe for the bachelorette party rather than the big ask..but these seemed worth giving a mention). I think the notion of the #bridetribe is cute. Don't over do it though.

Bride Tribe Temp Tattoos

6. Keep is simple.  I'm personally obsessed with all things Sugar Paper, but you can find cute options elsewhere, too.

Bridesmaid Card

7. If you're planning a beach wedding or just a super-fan of the band, The Police, consider asking them with a "Message in a Bottle":

Message in a bottle

8. Get them mani-pedi ready while asking with this super cute and re-usable set. Hint: use your wedding colors to tie it together.

Nail Polish Set

9. Wine-o's, take note.  So you can totally find wine on line which you can get affixed with a custom label, but the chances of this wine being drink-able is pretty low.  I would strongly encourage you to find a nice bottle of wine or champagne or tequila (hey, why not) and tag on a cute tag, comme ca.  Ca c'est chouette, n'est-ce pas?

Wine Tag

10. Refreshing idea.  Corkcicle makes these adorable thermos' (you know, they keep beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 25) that you can customize.

Corkcicle Bridesmaid


Have any feedback or questions? Shoot me an email at and we can chat about other creative ways to "pop the question!"



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