Carrie Underwood is “ALL-A-BOARD” with SOLEMATES, The US Military and Carnival Cruise Lines’ Newest

On November 4th, 2016, Carrie Underwood joined up with Carnival Cruiselines to host a special concert to honor military families, aboard their brand-new cruise ship, the Carnival Vista – their most family friendly ship ever. 

Carrie’s concert helped to raise money for an incredible organization called Operation Homefront who’s mission is to support military families through programs that provide free housing to help wounded veterans and their families get back on their feet.  Through a program called Homes on the Homefront, Operation Homefront even gives renovated houses to qualified veterans and their families, both active and retired, who have served in the US Arm, Navy, Air Force, Maries and Coast Guard. 

What we at Solemates were flattered to realize that during Carrie’s concert, while she helped to support the US Military, Solemates were helping to support her!  Carrie was spotted wearing our Solemates high heelers during her performance on the cruise ship stage, and while she was walking on the top boarded deck of the ocean liner, in heels! 

Solemates High Heelers have always been a staple of Mrs Underwood’s during her tours on dry land:  They help to give her stability in high heels during concerts and on stages with rugs, divots, wires, stairs, props and all sorts of other difficult obstacles that she may need to tackle during her performances.  What makes this exciting for us is that it’s her first time being sighted wearing them at sea, which brings a set of both old and new obstacles for her to brave while aboard the Carnival Vista.

The top deck on any cruise ship represents multiple challenges for any celebrity pop star or fashion forward vacationer, starting with the deck boards!   These include stairs, rugs, open spaces between floor boards/planks, rivets, and wet/slick decks and puddles.  Solemates High Heelers, by increasing the surface area of your high-heeled shoes allow for more stability as well as bridge the gap and reduce the risk of getting the smallest of heels wedged and twisted in the spaced and slippery deck boards.  We couldn’t be more flattered to help keep one of country music’s biggest stars took “us” with her to help keep her safe aboard the Carnival Vista during her amazing charity performance! 

Thank you Carrie for all that you do, and for continuing to stay “well-heeled” throughout your amazing career! 

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