Carrie Bradshaw's Best Pairs of Shoes

If you can believe it, Sarah Jessica Parker turned 50 this week. Though she is an accomplished actress with many roles under her belt as well as a talented shoe designer, most of us will always rememeber her as the great Carrie Bradshaw. The appeal of fashionista and New York lover Carrie Bradshaw has lasted way past the run of Sex & the City which has now been over since 2004! Carrie's clothes were amazing and made us believe that a freelance writer could wear Chanel regularly but it was a TV show after all. So in honor of SJP's birthday let's pay homage to the shoes of her memorable alter ego. Here are Carrie Bradshaw's five best shoes:

Carrie Bradshaw's open toe heelsCarrie Bradshaw's Grey Booties Gold HeelCarrie Bradshaw's Pink Heels


Carrie Bradshaw's Slip on ClogsCarrie Bradshaw's grey thigh highsCarrie Bradshaw's printed heels

Carrie Bradshaw's black and gold heelsCarrie Bradshaw's gold heelsCarrie Bradshaw's White Slip Ons


Carrie Bradshaw's Pink High HeelsCarrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones' heelsCarrie Bradshaw's boots

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