Bridal Wedding Day Survival Kit: The Essential Emergency Items Every Bride Needs


Fingers crossed that your wedding goes off with a hitch. After you have planned for months (if not years) god forbid if it’s not everything you have imagined. Unexpected things can happen at any time, and more often than not it seems that there’s a higher chance of these things happening to you on or before your wedding day. So just in case we’re going to help you out and give you a run down of the things that every bride, without a doubt, needs to have with her on her wedding day.


Your Wedding Day Survival Kit:


  • Breath Mints. You’ve got to be ready for that big kiss!


  • To keep your makeup from running during the sweetest moments of the day.


  • I’ve used them from everything from removing sewing pins stuck in bridesmaids dresses, to removing a splinter from a bride’s foot. They will also come in hand to fix your brows and lashes during the day.


  • Clear nail polish. To smooth out any nail chips, or to help your mother-in-law stop a run in her stockings!


  • Blotting Paper. Nobody wants to be a shiny bride. Keep them close by, especially before your wedding photos!


  • Hair Spray. Bring two. If a tornado rolls through your wedding, your hair should not move.


  • Favorite Perfume: Just to refresh during your special day.


  • Stain Remover. Heaven forbid… if you don’t bring it, you’ll need it. Please don’t drink red wine before the ceremony.


  • Sewing Kit. You never know when you will have a wardrobe malfunction. A broken strap or detail… make sure your thread matches your brides and bridesmaids dresses.


  • Makeup Bag. A bag to carry whatever makeup essentials you’ll need to touch up during the day.


  • Hair Band, Clips or Bobby Pins. For touching up any hair issues.


  • Safety Pins. To pin flowers on lapels or fix last minute bridal dress fitting issues. Don’t be without them!


  • You probably didn’t have time to break your wedding shoes in either.


  • Aspirin: Your mother-in-law can be annoying.


  • Krazy Glue. For the “kraziest” of emergencies and last minute wedding fixes. Broken heels, wardrobe malfunctions or jewelry malfunctions…


  • Band-Aids. You’ll need a few of these for your heels and toes by the end of the night.


  • Brides can get very nervous and stressed out.


Don’t have time to pack all that? Solemates actually makes an assortment of really cool Wedding and Bridal rescue kits that come with the most adorable bags! They’ve got everything you need already packed away and make fantastic bride/bridesmaids and shower gifts before the wedding! You can check them out here:

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