Best Shoes to Wear While Shopping

When you spend a day shopping, you don't want to have to cut it short because you're wearing painful shoes. Here are some recommendations for keeping your feet pain-free. 

Leather Slip-ons


These slip-ons are perfect for maintaining style while you shop! They are easy to take on and off and provide support for the long day of walking ahead. 




Sandals prove the ultimate ease when trying on clothes. These from Birkenstock even have arch support to keep you comfortable all day. 



This choice is for the fashionista that loves mixing style with comfort! These from Tieks even fold up to fit in your bag while you're trying on new shoes. 



These shoes from Cole Haan provide maximum comfort without the look of a traditional sneaker. 


Blister Blocker


Our Blister Blocker is an essential part you should include in your shopping day where you'll be doing tons of walking. Put it on areas you're prone to getting blisters and the special formula will provide all-day blister relief! 

Shoe Essentials

These Shoe Essentials are the perfect addition to any shoe you choose to wear. Just add them to any shoe to create all-day comfort so you can shop 'till you drop! 

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