Baring Our Sole. Meet the Sole Guard.

The iconic red sole represents more than just luxury, status or style; it represents a heightened sense of elegance. And height is an endemic part of that definition. Rising up to 5", Christian Louboutin heels seem to defy reason, logic, and physics. 

Louboutin with Solemates Soleguard

Our customers have long sought to protect these pricey pieces with our heel protectors; and protect they have.  Solemates heel protectors are a must-have accessory for Louboutin's and keep them un-scuffed and out of the grass. 

Louboutin with a Solemate Heel Protector

But customers constantly told us that heel protection was not enough for their $1000 heels.  They also wanted a way to preserve the paint.  The red paint is the signature (and legally protected) brand identifier for Loub's; and after a few wears the red begins to come off.  There are red rubber soles one can apply, but they change the look and feel of the shoes.  There is red PAINT one can buy, but it does not look right on scuffed sole, and now there is the Sole Guard.

Red Sole Louboutin

We scoured the globe for the best material to protect shoes and landed on an ultra-thin, ultra-clear film that smooths onto the shoe to offer protection and easily peels off the shoe when its time to take it off.  Yes, the film is not meant to be worn forever, but to be worn to protect the shoe when needed.  It is meant to be applied and removed with ease.

We developed it for ease of use as well as effectiveness. 

Have you tried it yet? You will be amazed.  3 sets for $25

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