Attention All Bridesmaids! This Site Will Help You Throw The Best Bachelorette Ever

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A bachelorette used to be a simple affair. Female friends of the bride get together to celebrate the bride's last day of singledom with a small party. Maybe there are some fun hats involved. That was what bridesmaid parties were like in the 1960s. In the last ten years they have evolved from a simple celebration to a party that may rival the wedding itself. They can involve travel, multiple destinations, elaborate acitivities and of course, major planning coordination to get a bunch of busy women to gather together for one weekend or even one night. And for the woman or women organizing it, it can be quite a stress overload. Cue the site The Bach. 

Basically this is a dream come true for any bridesmaid or friend that has been assigned the task of planning a bachelorette. We are all super busy ladies and though a bachelorette party is supposed to be fun, the planning part is often not, as there are so many moving parts and people. Soon you find yourself dreading opening your inbox because you know there may be 10 more emails asking you about games to play and what color the t-shirt should be. This site will, as they state, prevent you from pulling your hair out!

You can browse venue lists (they seriously have them for so many cities), read user reviews, and easily share your favorite spots with the bride or your fellow bridesmaids. This means no more lengthy emails because guests can just vote for their favorite choices. Quickly build an itinerary and send out electronic invitations to your guest list. Attendees can RSVP with the click of a button, and they will love you for it! "The Bach eliminates the stress of planning bachelorette party so that everyone can focus on the important part: celebrating with the bride-to-be. Users can search recommended venues, build itineraries, and coordinate with a group of guests through the site without cluttering up their inboxes!" Founder Joanne Barken told Solemates. 

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And besides just basic planning and organizing, the site will help you come up with the most fun and unique parties! "Our editorial section provides lots of extra tips for bridesmaids, as well as fun themes and inspiration from real bachelorette parties."

Plus, the bride and her friends can have their moment in the sun with The Bach's Real Bachelorettes section which includes, you guessed it: real bachelorette parties! Check out this awesome Nantucket one here. What a sweet gift it would be to share the story of your bachelorette with the world (minus the less than picturesque hangovers. Just put the pretty pictures!) 

Definitely use this site the next time you have to plan a bachelorette and tell all your friends. It is a life saver!! 

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