Are you ruining your shoes?


Close your eyes (after you finish reading this paragraph). Picture yourself in cobbler or shoe repair shop.  What is that smell? Toxins.  Chemicals, dyes, additives and things that you wouldn't touch without a rubber glove.  Do you wear a rubber gloves? I don't.  Therefore, I don't want to touch any of the things that I can see and smell inside this place. 

Now open your eyes.  Picture your bathroom counter, your dresser, your countertops even.  What do you see?  Hopefully you see clean, attractive spaces.  Maybe you see a perfume bottle or a photograph.  Maybe you have some jewelry out.  Oh, is that a new face cream? What a pretty jar. 

Now look at your shoes. Whether they are piled on the floor of your closet or neatly organized by color and style (I am a neat-freak), they have one thing in common: they are pretty nice.  They cost a lot more than I should probably be spending, but, I mean, I love shoes. 

They go on my feet and take me places.  Some of them make me 3-4 inches taller, some of them make my legs look insanely good, some of them keep me warm when its absurdly cold, some of them feel like little clouds tied to my feet, some of them make me look like a force to be dealt with, some of them are like old pals, that you can just hang around with and never tire of. 

I love them. Every single pair. 

Now Im back to the cobbler. What is that in the air. Why can't I breathe?

Here's the problem. 

These two worlds are entirely disconnected. We surround ourselves with beauty, we pride ourselves in the high quality products that we collect that make us look and feel our best. We eat well (we try). We live well (we try to).  But then we go to the cobbler and it's like 1950.  The brands, the language, the experience. 

This is where we come in.  We are shoe care, reimagined.  



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