Are You Ready For Forever 21’s New Shoe Line?

Just when you thought Forever 21 would always be the place you could cheap shoes, you would be wrong (though not totally wrong.) The retailer, known for it's low prices for trendy clothing, is launching a slightly pricier line of shoes. According to,  the new leather collection will start with ten pairs and retail from $49 to $79.

Linda Chang, the chain's GMM, told WWD, "Our fans have interest in owning multiple pairs of shoes for different purposes, and this exclusive collection will allow them to pick from ten styles ranging from metal-tip clogs with stained wooden heels to distressed genuine leather high-top sneakers."

The purpose of this additional line is to reach a different customer base, one that isn't 16 through 21. Chang said, "the breadth of this line extends beyond what most of our consumers believe is the Forever 21 brand." Basically, it is for the 21 year old in all of us. 

This new line is expected to be available by January 10. 

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