9 Destination Wedding Guest Essentials (for the Overpacker)

9 Destination Wedding Guest Essentials With these nine destination wedding guest essentials, you’ll finally be able to get off of the plane with a reasonable amount of luggage and no snickers from your friends. You’ll even have room for the fab wedding gift bag sure to come your way. How amazing would this feel? Let’s allow this sense of relief to set in for a bit.... Feels good, right?

By the end of this article, your overpacking days could be over, unless of course you decide that this new amount of space should be filled with a sequined gown (and matching lent roller for removing all the cobwebs from the back of your closet), just in case, you know, an impromptu ball on the beach ensues. (Then, girl, you may have a problem.)

Ok, let’s get back to the shortlist. You might be wondering: is one of these essential items a magic lamp, producing nine genies with an unlimited amount of wishes? Nope, dreamin’ Jasmine, this packing list is comprised of hair, beauty, shoes (shocking, we know) and other goodies that will double in uses. That’s right, it’ll be just like packing double-agents as your glam squad. Mission: As Simple as Possible, we’ll call it.

From accessories that can hold an up-do one night and serve as a cute bracelet the next, here are our top nine wedding guest essentials to avoid overpacking.



1. Cara Metallic Cuff Ponytail Holders (2-Pack), $16

cara metallic cuff ponytail holders

With these beauts, you can create sleek ponies for the wedding ceremony or keep the cuffs on your wrist as a snazzy bracelet, leaving some empty space in your jewelry and hair accessory dividers. These metallic ponytail holders are perfect to have on-hand until you need a to pull up your hair for some relief from the summer heat or the sweaty reception dance floor.

2. Cara Gold Leaves Barrette, $16

cara gold leaves barrette

Barrettes as light as a feather (we couldn't help ourselves), are all the rage this summer. And, this easy, yet pretty feather hair accessory will do the trick for turning dirty hair into an elegant chignon -- because we know you'd rather spend more time on excursions with your fellow friends on the guest list than primping in the mirror. So, consider going the natural route, keeping your stresses tames with a cute clip. This way, you can leave that bulky curling iron or straightener at home.



3. Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, $30

urban decay all nighted long-lasting makeup setting spray

Don't worry about packing your tiny touch-up makeup or a bigger bag as a supplement to your cute clutch. Save that precious room in your luggage by only bringing your staples to apply ahead of the ceremony or night out. With this Urban Decay setting spray, your makeup will stay in place for up to 16 hours. 

4. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color, Birthday Suit, $9

sally hansen miracle gel nail color

No need to bring nail polish and a base/top coat. This all-in-one revolutionary product gives you all the benefits of a long-lasting, no-chip manicure ahead of your trip. And, using this natural, light color helps to make any rare chips less noticeable. How's that for awesome?

5. Benefit Cosmetics Posietint Cheek & Lip Stain, $30

benefit cosmetics posientint cheek & lip stain

Why pack both your blush and lip gloss when you can bring this little gem from Benefit Cosmetics. This liquid-gel cheek and lip stain promises to be "kiss-proof and nuzzle-proof," which is important if your single and planning on mingling with cute groomsmen. 



6. ASOS High Walk Heeled Sandals, $54

asks high walk heeled sandals

Combine walking shoes with your dancing shoes. These mid-heeled metallic sandals are perfect for two outfits essential to every destination wedding: heels that are dressy enough for the ceremony and fancy festivities, while still being comfortable enough for the touring you plan on doing after everyone's gone home.  

7. The Solemates Blister Blocker, $10

solemates blister blocker

Prevent getting blisters on your tootsies with our signature Solemates Blister Blocker Balm. By packing these babies, you won't have to worry about packing a comfy set of shoes to change into since even your most uncomfortable pair of heels will feel fantastic. The best part is that it glides on clear to bare feet without leaving any greasy residue.

8. The Solemates Shoe Freshener, $10

solemates shoe freshener

Say good-bye to stinky feet. Look, we all have a pair of heels we love to wear and hate to take off -- not because we love them that much, but because they smell less than sweet when we slip them off, right? Now you won't have to worry about packing extra shoes to change into before your soles get sour. Our nifty Solemates Shoe Freshener barely takes up space.

9. emPOWERED Wristlet Clutch Snake, $119

wristlet snake skin

Don't worry about packing chargers for all of your gadgets. With this stylish wristlet clutch from emPOWERED, your tech will stay charged on-the-go even when you can't get back to your hotel room. You just use the power cord attached to the light-weight power pack sewn into the bag, and your battery will be ready for selfies from noon to night -- without the tangled mess and bulky pieces that can suck up valuable suitcase space.

We’d love to hear your tricks for packing light as a wedding guest. Tell us in the comment section below!

Photo by the The Knomad Organizer via PureWow

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