7 Ways to Spend Time with Your Dad This Father’s Day

Golfing during Sunset

The best gift you can give your Dad is your full-undivided attention while doing the things that your Dad likes. So to help you give the best father’s day gift, Solemates has come up with seven ways you can spend time with your Dad.

1. Grilling
On any given weekend in the summer, most Dads will be outside by the barbecue grilling lunch or dinner. It can be solo act, but it doesn’t have to be! Get out there and help your Dad with those hot dogs and hamburgers. You can be his sous chef or you could even take over the grilling to let him relax, that is if he’ll release the tongs from his hand.

2. Golfing
If it’s not sunny, chances are your Dad is probably watching sports on television. If it is sunny, however, he’ll be heading to the golf course to get in a couple of rounds. This is when you follow suit and ask to be his caddy. You get hours of one-on-one time with your Dad getting his favorite weekend sport in, and you’re getting tons of Vitamin D in. It’s a win-win.

3. Playing Catch
My Dad taught me how to play catch, throw a ball, and to keep my eye on the ball as I swing. Playing catch is the ultimate nostalgic way to spend time with your Dad. So if he taught you the simple act of throwing a ball and catching it, spend time with him this weekend doing just that. The conversations you can have while throwing might just surprise you.

4. Going for a Run or Hike
If your Dad is the athletic type and wants more than playing catch or golfing, let’s take it to the next level. Put on your running sneakers, plan a route along a beautiful path, and take off running with your Dad. There’s nothing better than a runner’s high except being able to share it with someone you love.

5. Relaxing Outside
There’s something to be said for just sitting in nature. If your Dad isn’t big on talking, but big on relaxing, find a spot in nature where the two of you can just sit back and take it all in. Whether it’s the beach, the mountains, or your backyard, just sitting next to your Dad in nature is pretty fabulous.

6. Shoe Shopping
Maybe your Dad isn’t into grilling, playing catch or golfing. Maybe he’s into shopping and if so, you’ve got a truly amazing Dad! And while you’re shopping with Dad, it might be worth reminding him that a buy one, get one sale is a beautiful thing that you can do together! If not, at least remind him that shoes worn without socks in the summer get sweaty and eventually smelly, and to avoid all of that unpleasantness he can use Solemates Freshen, which will keep his feet smelling sweet all summer long.

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