6 Tips To Live By At The Kentucky Derby This Weekend

Kentucky Derby Fashion

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky!  Fancy VIPs will watch the famous race from Millionaire's Row, while 80,000 revelers will party on the infield. Whose excited? Well, we are certainly are is it is Derby Week here at Solemates. Solemates is a proud contributor of the 141st Kentucky Derby and donated to the Participants of the Survivors parade and the VIPs of Kentucky Oaks and Derby. Solemates products are also included in the official Horseman's bags which are given to the owners and jockeys' wives. Solemates also donated their famous SOS kits to the VIP attendees at the Barnstable Brown gala tonight. 

DO NOT wear pants 

This is not the time to break out your good skinny jeans. If you insist on wearing pants, they should be loose and fancy and pair them with heels. 

DO wear a brightly colored dress

Think summer time wedding. Lilly Pulitzer is always a great go-to. If in doubt just copy the style of Cameran Eubanks on "Southern Charm". 

DO wear heels

Okay so it seems like it would be logical to wear flats at an outdoorsy event like this, but we all know it is about the heels. And what you have to worry about any issues if you wear Solemates High Heelers! No sinking in the grass! If only Julia Roberts had had a pair of High Heelers in that scene in Pretty Woman.

DO NOT underestimate the importance of the hat

Everything you need to know about hats for The Kentucky Derby is right here.

DO wear jewelry

Nothing crazy because you want the attention to go to your hat (maybe stay away from huge earrings) and don't weigh down your hands with rings and bracelets as you will need a strong drinking arm. 

DO Bring Your Solemates

You will not survive the Derby without the Solemates SOS Kits. They are amazing shoe protectors! 

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