6 tips for a Winter Wedding Wonderland


Although December may be coming to a close, there is still time for brides-to-be to take a few pointers when planning a wedding early next year. Here are some of our favorite tips:

1.A life-saver turned bride-saver


We know the winter can be hard on your shoes. However, planning a winter wedding should not mean sacrificing your beautiful wedding shoes and replacing them with winter boots. Using the new Solemates Protect spray, prevent the ice and salt from ruining your shoes and keep them looking gorgeous for years to come. Pair it with some other goodies from our collection and your shoes won't let you down!

2. In season florals

While it IS possible to have any type of flower delivered at any time of the year, usually it comes at a high premium. Instead, opt for some of the beautiful flowers that are in season during the wintry months like gardenias and Christmas roses that will bring beautiful color to a colder-weather nuptial.

3. Faux fur

To keep warm while also staying stylish, many brides incorporate faux fur into their special day. Using a stole to wrap around your shoulders is effortlessly chic.

4. Cocktail hour

Having a hot cider or hot chocolate option in addition to other drinks served during cocktail hour will probably be much appreciated by guests looking to warm up a bit between the ceremony and reception. Bonus points if you find recipes that make them boozy!

5. Check the weather!

While it is impossible to predict the weather on the same day you book your wedding venue, keep in mind that it is possible that family and friends traveling to your wedding could get snowed in and same goes for vendors. Be prepared in case anything goes awry.

6. Location, location, location

Location is everything when choosing a place to have your wedding. If you want to have a beautiful picturesque background, opt for a place like Lake Placid or Aspen, if distance isn’t an issue. If you are located near a city, a metropolitan wedding in the wintertime is effortlessly chic and picture perfect.


Winter weddings are special and unique, and nothing is better than the possibility of waking up to snow falling on your magical day.

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