6 Super Helpful Wedding Planning Apps

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Every bride (and groom) needs a little help when planning their wedding. Actually, they need a lot of help and the easiest way to get help is with technology. The Knot 2013 Real Weddings Study of 13,000 brides found a dramatic rise in couples' use of mobile devices to plan their weddings. In fact, 9 in 10 (88%) engaged smartphone owners use it for wedding-related tasks, with 7 in 10 (69%) using it for photo-related activities and more than half (56%) using it to look up vendor information. Here is a list of 6 of the most apps that will help you have the perfect wedding.

TheKnot Wedding Dress Look Book

Believe it or not, shopping for the perfect wedding dress can actually become a pain in the ass. Why not make it easier on yourself and allow yourself to browse a huge variety no matter where you are. Try TheKnot's Wedding Dress Book app which allows you to bookmark your favorites.

Gift Registry 360

Want the ability to put anything on your gift registry at a moment's notice? Then this is the app for you. Add items to your registry from any online store by scanning the barcode information and condensing everything to a single list. Purchased items are updated automatically.


One of the trickiest parts of the wedding reception is the seating arrangements. This app will make your life a whole lot easier and probably prevent some major drama. It allows you to import your list, then drag and drop names onto a table diagram as guests RSVP. Other cool features include the ability to adjust table size, indicate meal preference and add other room elements.


Though your wedding photographer and videographer will capture a lot of your special day, you know that some of your best stuff will come from your friends videos shot on their phones. Well, you will have access to all of those if you tell them to download the Vyclone app. It aggregates all your guests' wedding videos and puts them together in one video. If you are feeling super creative, you can edit them more and add a soundtrack.

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Meet your new virtual wedding assistant. It's like having a Jennifer Lopez in your pocket all the time!

TheKnot Wedding Planner App

The number one wedding app has just been updated to help you even more. As a complement to the beloved wedding checklist, budget and guest organizers, couples can now connect with local wedding vendors, read reviews and see thousands of inspirational photos from recent weddings in their area.

The new The Knot Wedding Planner App solves the three biggest problems of planning a wedding: organizing everything, finding inspiration and hiring the right vendors. Since its launch in late January, brides and grooms have spent more than 3 million minutes inside the app, viewing more than 36 million wedding vendor recommendations .

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