6 Gorgeous Celebrity Bridesmaids

Jessica Simpson set her wedding date this week. She and fiance Eric Johnson will get married on the Fourth of July. It has been a while since we saw Jessica as a bride but we have seen her as a bridesmaid quite a few times over the years. That's right. Jessica Simpson has been a bridesmaid in multiple weddings and has often walked down the aisle while pregnant. But Jessica isn't the only celeb to pull off the ultimate friend duty. Check out these gorgeous celebs that supported their friends on their big days. 

Jessica and Ashley Simpson

Both Simpson sisters were in this wedding of a close friend. 

Simpson sisters bridesmaids

Rachel Bilson

Who wouldn't want Summer from The O.C. next to them?

Rachel Bilson bridesmaid


Jennifer Lawrence

The Oscar winner was featured on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings when she appeated as a bridesmaid at her brother and sister-in-law's wedding. I wonder if she gave a good speech? 

Jennifer Lawrence bridesmaid


Kate Bosworth

The blond beauty looked stunning in her black bridesmaid dress. 

Kate Bosworth Bridesmaid

Jessica Simpson

Jessica must be one good friend. Here she is in friend Cacee Cobb's wedding walking down the aisle with Zach Braff. 

Jessica Simpson Bridesmaid


Cameron Diaz

There's something about this bridesmaid. 

Cameron Diaz Bridesmaid

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner makes for an adorable bridesmaid. 

Jennifer Garner bridesmaid

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