6 Cute and Comfortable Shoes for Your Morning Commute


Comfortable shoes for commuting to the office don’t have to mean clunking around with a casual bottom-half and an upstaging, stylish upper-half. You can look put-together from head to toe without gritting your teeth because your toes are pinched at the tip too tightly or the backs of your shoes are giving you blisters or your go-to pump’s material leaves your feet smelling less than sweet.

We especially don’t think your coworkers will appreciate the latter, not to mention your intern who is most likely the one stuck following you around most of the day. (Don’t forget what it was like to be in her shoes. Be nice – she doesn’t know yet that her best years were the previous four and her next four years will be spent trying to be half as cool as she used to be in college. Truth.)

Beauty doesn’t have to mean pain when you’re hopping over puddles, skipping past street carts and jumping steps two at a time. You can find pairs that support every bend in your body as you tackle the morning routine that looks more and more like an American Gladiator obstacle course before you dive into the revolving doors of your corporate headquarters.

Here are six super comfortable flats, heels and in-betweens to try on for your next commute.


1. Jessica Simpson 'Remixx' Wedge Bootie, $118.95


With autumn almost here, these 3-inch wedge heels aren't too hot-to-trot on high speed when sleeping past your Monday-morning alarm. Keep your commute classic with an almond-toe bootie from Jessica Simpson featuring lush suede and a wrapped wedge heel that delicately lines the arch of your foot.

2. Matisse Hutton Flat, $125

Matisse Hutton Flat

Stacked heels, adjustable straps with grippy rubber outsoles equals: the Matisse Hutton Flat,  a tennis shoe in designer disguise.

3. J.Crew Factory Suede Kitten Heels, $89.50


MEOW! Camel kitten heels in suede elongate your legs without tripping you up from train to train. These also come in midnight blue, black and soft fuchsia.

4. Fergie Women’s Invert Oxford in (Evergreen), $99.99


Invert Oxford shoes are always a good choice, especially in this evergreen shade that goes with everything -- and gets you anywhere looking polished and well-supported (err...should we say, wellheeled?).  

5. Candela Grimes Flats, $255


These flats add slight height, making them dressy enough to wear long after you get to your desk. The Candela Grimes Flats also combine gaucho elements and modern influences, which lets your inner-bohemian poke through corporate dress policy.

6. Isolá 'Banner' Bootie, $109.95


With a one-inch heel, this standout ankle bootie also has an elastic-gore inset. This will make hopping over puddles and scurrying past peddlers a lot easier. But, seriously.

Photos by Gorgeous Glam; Paul/FameFlynet, Daily Mail

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