6 Big Wedding Market Trends You Will See A Lot of This Spring

New York fashion week

Spring is here and wedding season is in full swing which means now is the time for wedding shows. Currently TheKnot Couture is holding their New York event (now through tomorrow) where our very own Solemates executive team, Becca Brown and Monica Ferguson, have set up camp to show off their great products. Find out more information here.

So what are the big trends we are going to see for weddings this year? “Weddings continue to take cues from celebrities, as well as inspiration from the fashion runways,” says Rebecca Dolgin, editor in chief of TheKnot.com. “This year, weddings are even bigger and more blown out with everything from an all-out, all-nighter wedding party to slo-mo photo booths and temporary tattoo favors. Brides and grooms will continue to weave a personal thread through their weddings, making their style true to who they are, be that rustic and natural with a woodland wedding or totally techy with a phone charging station.” According to TheKnot here are some of the big wedding market trends we will see. 

Jeweled Necklines

It is all about an ornamental neckline this year. We are going to see a lot of  sheer illusion necklines with small beading to larger embroidered rhinestones and crystals. Check out actress Christina Ricci's dress:

lace wedding dress

Bright colors

White schmite. This wedding season is all about bold colors. According to TheKnot,  "The idea is to take a neutral, muted palette, like whites, ivories and metallic gold, and to add a bold color like poppy red, tangerine or indigo blue. Brides will infuse color into those big details that everyone will see, from a pop of color in all of your florals and incredible colorful sugar flowers to bright nail polish to match."

Flower, flowers everywhere

Flowers are going to be bigger and better this year. In addition to huge bouquets and installations, flowers will be incorporated into the decor as well. 

Phone chargers for your guests

Weddings these days are all about the social media. Guests are constantly Instagramming, Tweeting, Snapchatting, etc., This means their phone is gonna run out of juice fast. So the new trend is to provide chic charging stations. On the opposite end of that some guests don't want their weddings all over Instagram. Some celebrities even have phone checks at their weddings. 

The Photo Booth isn't going anywhere

Long live the photo booth. Now there is the slow-motion video booth. Using a special infrared camera, a videographer creates an amazing keepsake.

wedding trends

Formal portraits

Formal portraits of the bride in her wedding dress are coming back into the style, thanks to our friends in the South. No more of the trash the dress trend. It is all about class now. 

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