5 ways to extend the life of your summer shoes into Fall

Walking outside and feeling the breeze has never felt better after a hot, humid summer. However, if you aren’t ready to put your shoe collection away just yet, here are some ways to keep incorporating them into your looks, with some practical AND fashionable tips!


  1. Protecting them from wear and tear

One thing that always worries me about the colder weather is how my shoes are going to hold up. Using Solemates Protect to prepare your footwear for the upcoming season gives added peace of mind, and more confidence to wear your shoes more!

  1. Pairing summer sandals with socks

It might be getting a bit cold to be wearing open toed shoes and heels by themselves, but adding a pair of socks is not only cute, but practical. Put your own spin on a high fashion trend, and go for a pair of two straps and some fun socks. Pro tip: make sure your shoes fit with the socks before heading out, to avoid any discomfort throughout the day.

  1. Mix and match

It’s still the transitional time of the season where it may be freezing in the morning, and boiling in the afternoon. We always are told to layer up and mix with different levels of warmth with our outfits, but bringing our shoes into the equation takes this to a whole new level. A sundress with a pair of thigh high boots or a sweater and dark wash jeans with a two-strap sandal is your best friend this time of the year.


  1. Breathing new life into a tried and true favorite

If you are on the fence about retiring an amazing pair of shoes, not all hope is lost just yet. Using products like Solemates Shoe Essentials can help you out! Using the anti skid pads on a shoe with a well loved sole, or the ball of foot cushion on a well traveled shoe, will absolutely save you, and have your shoes feeling good as new.

  1. Play with color combinations

Everyone loves a statement shoe in the summer. What you would usually pair with a white linen in the summer, be bold and pair with a more fall neutral palette, with grey, khaki, olive, and brown. Trust me! Your shoes will do all the talking (and the walking!)


While we can’t promise that this will make you feel like you’re on the beach or at the barbecue, we can promise that this will hold you over and bring a little joy into your life until the warm weather rolls around again.

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