5 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Halloween-Themed Wedding!

Halloween wedding cake

Who says Halloween can't be a romantic holiday? And who says it can't be a perfect day for a wedding? With Halloween falling on a Friday this year there will probably lots of Halloween weddings happening this weekend. Here are some ideas for a great Halloween wedding! 

1. Embrace the color black

halloween bridesmaid dresses

People don't necessarily associate black with weddings but we all know it can be the most elegant of colors. What about some beautiful black candlelabras? And elegant black chairs? And if you are a bold bride, you could always opt for a beautiful black gown like actress Shanae Grimes did on her big day. Or you could put your bridesmaids in black while you stick to white. 

2. Apple and pumpkin cocktails and appetizers

pumpkin martini

Keep with a fall/Halloween theme with apple and pumpkin infused cocktails and ciders. You could also do pumpkin appetizers (pumpkin tarts, bread, butter)! 

3. Replace the photo booth with a costume booth

costume booth

Guests love a good photo booth so why not give them more costumes to play with and a creepy backdrop! 

4. A little Halloween music

bride and groom

Thriller is a song for any time of year but definitely for a Halloween wedding! 

5. Candy and cake

halloween cupcake tower

Make candy a big theme of your wedding! Have treats at the table and what about Cotton Candy? And go wild with the cake. Think of all the beautiful creations!

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