5 Things to Look For When Carrie Underwood Hosts the CMAs

5 Thing to Look for when Carrie Underwood Hosts the CMAs


1. The Clothes

Known for incredibly fast and incredibly dramatic wardrobe changes, Carrie Underwood will not disappoint tonight.  We have heard rumors of at least 5 different looks.  The one thing we can can on? She'll rock each and everyone.

2. The History

Celebrating 50 years of the CMAs is no joke. We expect a lot of look backs, a lot of dedications, and a lot of montages.

3.  Entertainer of the Year

We're pulling for Carrie in every possible way. She has the talent, she's proven herself, and she is long overdue.  This most coveted award is in a tug of war among several artists including Luke Bryan & Keith Urban.

4. Chris Stapleton Affect

Last year, Chris Stapleton completely disrupted the Country Music world when like a dark horse he was named for 3 different awards. Who will be the Chris Stapleton Dark Horse this year?

5. The Shoes

With Carrie Underwood hosting the 50th CMAs, we know her shoes will not disappoint.  A long time wearer of Solemates, Carrie knows the stance, prance and dance required to be a superstar!

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