5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Bridal Party

You may have dreamt of your special day ever since you were young, but all of the complicated decisions probably never crossed your mind until now. Deciding who will be included in your bridal party can get pretty tricky. Here are the top five things to remember when selecting who will join you on your wedding day. 

1) How big is your wedding? 


The size of your bridal party normally is determined by the amount of people you invite to the wedding. This number will allow you to make a list of who you’d like to include and narrow it down from there. It’s totally fine to have an uneven number of bridesmaids to groomsmen, but keep in mind the number of your party in proportion to the number of guests.

2) How much is it going to cost?



Another way to decide who to select to be a part of your bridal party is to let your potential choices know the expected cost. It’s no secret that your bridesmaids are required to purchase certain things for your wedding, such as their dress and accessories. Letting them know an estimate of how much they should expect to spend will allow for them to know your expectations. If they decline your offer, don’t worry! You will have just as much fun at your wedding whether they’re in your bridal party or not.

3) How long have you known them?



If you’re considering including friends from college or work, think about how long you’ve known them. Also consider if you think you will be friends with them in ten years. You want to be sure you spend your wedding day with your family and closest friends. Don’t worry about hurting their feelings if you choose not to include them in your bridal party. They’ll understand you only have a certain number of spots reserved for your siblings and lifelong besties.

4) Siblings Always Have a Spot



If you’re getting married, it’s a known fact that you’re supposed to include your siblings in your bridal party. They’re the ones who know you the best and will be able to handle you if you become a bridezilla. If you have a lot of siblings, choose the ones that are closest to you in age. Be sure to include your brothers, too!

5) Will everyone get along?


Although you’re all adults, there may be some tension between possible bridal party candidates. To prevent any unnecessary wedding day disputes, try to avoid asking people who are known for causing problems. If you really want to include them, try letting them know your concerns and that this is your special day. All of your focus should be on yourself during your wedding day and not on unnecessary worries.

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