5 Things to Consider When Buying Prom Shoes

Whether this is your first prom or you've been to several, shopping for prom can be pretty stressful. After you have picked out the perfect dress, use these tips to help select the best shoes for you! 
  1. Location


Although you may be hesitant to purchase heels for this special day, think again! Whether you’re worried about the outdoor pictures or uneven surfaces, adding our Solemates High Heelers will ease your concerns. Our High Heelers increase the surface area on your heel to displace the pressure which will allow you to walk in your high heels with ease.

  1. Can you walk in them?


If this is your first time wearing heels, trying them out on prom night may not be the best idea. Try wearing them a few times before the event to see if you are able to walk naturally. Our blister blocker is perfect for adding a layer of protection so blisters won’t pop up when you’re testing out your new shoes.Also, check out our tips for how to properly walk in heels!

  1. Do they complete the look?

Although your shoes are an important accessory, your dress should be the focal point! Try sticking with a simple color such as silver or gold. These colors will work perfectly with any dress, and you can even get High Heelers to match! 

  1. Can you wear them after prom?

This is one of the most important factors when you’re considering purchasing shoes for prom. Shoes can get pricey, so you want to ensure your purchase can work for more events than prom. Try to avoid crazy patterns and stick to a simpler shoe design so they will work with future outfits. 

  1. What’s your budget?


You want to be sure to factor in all accessories when coming up with a budget. Your dress will take up most of your budget, but be sure to consider all essentials for your look. Your jewelry, hair, makeup, and handbag can add up, so try not to spend too much on these items if you want to splurge on shoes. 

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