5 Secret Bachelorette Must-haves

  1. Matching Shirts


There’s nothing cuter than these shirts to match with your best friends on your big night out! There are tons of styles and colors to choose from that best fits the bride’s personality. Check out these out on Etsy!  

  1. Fun Accessories


Gifting the bridal party adorable accessories will be perfect for wearing with their shirts! Custom sunglasses or stadium cups will make the night special and can be used after the wedding. Here are a few of our favorites!  

  1. Themed Décor


Nothing will get your friends in a party mood like fun decorations! You can either DIY or purchase adorable décor in the theme of the bride’s wedding colors.

  1. Recovery Kit


Your bridesmaids will thank you if they have some recovery goodies waiting for them after a long night out. Add some of your favorite sheet masks, pain reliever and sweet treats to enjoy!

  1. High Heelers

Nothing is worse than not wearing your favorite heels because you can’t walk in them.  Our High Heelers are here to help! Just slip them onto your favorite pair of heels to allow for a night free of walking worries.

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