5 Milestones To Celebrate In Your First Year of Marriage

wedding cake topper


The first year of marriage is one of the hardest but also one of the most mportant. Danielle Tate, Founder and CEO of MissNowMrs.com, the leading online name change service for brides, has some tips for newlyweds on what to celebrate during your first year. 

1. Your First Large Joint Purchase - Did you receive a few checks as wedding gifts? Pool them together and then decide as a couple what to purchase.  Purchases can range from a new sofa, to a treadmill or patio furniture or maybe even a fancy painting.  Celebrate this hopefully really cool present!

2. A New Address - Did you move locations or save up with your spouse to purchase a home as newlyweds?  Celebrate your new address with a custom framed key or a sweet key chain that commemorates the date you moved in.  Then throw a fun housewarming to show off to all your friends! 

3. The 6 Month Mark – Celebrate achieving half a year as a married couple!  Plan a weekend getaway and spend together time talking about all of the good times you’ve had and what you have worked through.

4. Get a dog or cat! -  If you have gotten an animal together this year and successfully taken care of it then celebrate that!   

5. One Year Anniversary - You did it...you grew together through 12 months of marriage with your spouse! Defrost the top layer of your wedding cake (or simply put your topper on a fresh cake), and watch your wedding DVD to re-live your big day 365 days later!  Depending on your reception venue, you could also celebrate with dinner reservations in the same spot.

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