5 Bridal Shower Must Haves

  1. Food


This is a no-brainer! A large meal is not required, but small snacks are essential in keeping your guests happy. Get your shower catered by a local restaurant to eliminate the hassle of preparing food. 

  1. Unique Games


Let’s be honest, traditional bridal shower games are outdated. Try out new activities such as creating a date night jar, having a photo booth, or making crafts. These activities will allow you and your guests to have fun throughout the entire shower!

  1. Décor


Decorations take any party to the next level! The bridal shower decorations will let you guests have a preview to your actual wedding décor. You will be able to have a test-run of your theme to see if any alterations need to be made before your wedding day.

  1. Fun Favors


Party favors can be hit and miss, so make sure the ones you hand out will be useful to your guests! Our High Heelers are the perfect gift that your guests can use at your wedding. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings to provide stability when walking in heels.

  1. Pictures


Whether you hire a professional or ask a friend, having nice photos of your bridal shower will allow you to have lasting memories.

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