5 Big Shoe Trends For Spring You Must Know About

It's almost spring! Well, it really isn't but anytime there is not a Noreaster it should be counted as a sign that spring is on its way. But the best way to get ready for spring is to prepare for the warmth and all the cool new styles you will finally be able to rock (without risking frostbite!) Now that New York Fashion Week is over we have an idea of what the big trends will be for shoes so here are a few ideas for spring! And of course, you must pair all your heels with the Solemates High Heelers so you can rock those through the summer! 

kitten heels

1. Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are really the perfect shoe. They give you that extra lift you need, but not so much that you feel like you are balancing on stilts. Go for a fun color like these silver ones from C. Wonder. They will dress up any jeans outfit or would look great with a pastel dress. 

art print shoes

2. Art print shoes 

Express yourself with the trend of artistic shoes. They literally look like paintings (like this Christian Loubitin one) or they may be super ornamentally detailed. Here is a slightly cheaper but just as cute pair from Lulus. 

platforms and block heels


3. Platforms and blocked heels

In a bit of a contrast to the dainty kitten heels, big platform shoes are making a comeback (again!) Though you may not be up for it the fashion editors at Lucky Magazine think these open-toed platform sandals go great with a pair of ankle socks and a swinging skirt. 

statement heels

4. Statement heels

Let your feet do the talking with these beautifully designed shoes. You could probably wear a burlap sack with some of these and still be considered super fashionable. This pair from Lulus by Chinese Laundry.



5. Mules

That's right. Your grandma's favorite shoe is all the rage this spring. Check out this cute pair from Victoria's Secret in great spring colors! 

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