4 Things That Are On Brides’ Minds Right Now

You probably didn't know this but last week was National Proposal Day. In honor of that special day, we have some special facts about what is on brides' minds, according to David's Bridal Annual Survey:

Most women are not surprised when they are proposed to

According to the survey, most women might not be that shocked when their significant other gets down on one knee. When asked about their engagement experience, a majority of respondents (57 percent) said they knew it was coming, while 43 percent said they were surprised by the proposal. 

Most women wish they could get a do-over on their engagement

Creating the perfect proposal setup is no easy task; that's why most women wish they could change at least one little detail about their big moment. 

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When asked if they would change something about their proposal, most women (53 percent) said they would!

Top areas for improvement, according to respondents:
o   22 percent would change the location
o   20 percent wished the proposal speech was different
o   14 percent would change something about their engagement ring
o   14 percent would have preferred that different people were present for their proposal
o   10 percent wanted to alter the date of the engagement
o   3 percent would change something other than the above

Future brides like to use their married names online

Even before they get asked the question, brides start throwing around their new last name, usually online. One in five women surveyed said they reserved Internet usernames with their new married name before they were actually engaged! Plus, another 25 percent seriously considered it. Talk about planning ahead!

Everyone still wants to marry Ryan Gosling

Women often pine for the fictional stars of popular movies and literary love stories. So which leading male characters do ladies desire to say "yes" to?
With 40 percent of the vote, ladies most want to say "I Do" to Ryan Gosling's romantic “The Notebook” character, Noah Calhoun.
Leonardo DiCaprio's swoon-worthy Jack Dawson of “Titanic” takes the silver medal with 30 percent of votes.
Rounding out the "most wanted" husband list, the adventurous Christian Grey of “Fifty Shades of Grey” fame received 17 percent of the vote, and sweet and sensitive tribute Peeta Mellark from the popular “Hunger Games” trilogy received 13 percent of the vote!

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