3 Ways to Ditch Your Slippers for Heels

After what’s felt like an eternity, the world is finally ours again and we’re stepping back onto the streets in style!

It may feel daunting to adjust back to our everyday outfits, especially trading our comfiest slippers for sandals and stilettos. Well, have no fear, Solemates is here to make the transition as easy, comfortable, and stylish as possible.

1. Prep your feet

Prep your feet with a pedicure - and use Blister Blocker before stepping into any shoes

It’s no shocker to most that we’ve been neglecting our feet in the pandemic. Take yourself for a nice pedicure and protect your feet from any uncomfortable blisters with Blister Blocker.

Whether you’re getting back into the gym or slipping on a pair of less forgiving shoes, your feet will thank you again and again.

2. Prep your shoes

Protect your heels and yourself with Solemates Anti-Skid PadsSolemates Anti-Skid Pads - prevents slipping on slick surfaces

If you’re like us, you probably made some online purchases while dreaming about better days to come. Lucky for us all, the time has come. All the shoes in our closets have been prepped with Solemates Anti-Skid pads, that way there are no accidental slips on the way back to the dance floor.

Plus, it comes in a pack of 3 so you can be ready to go with all your current faves.

3. Prep yourself

Be confident stepping out knowing you’re protected by Solemates

After a year inside, heading out and getting back to normal can cause nerves for some. We promise you look great, and thanks to us you’ll feel great too. Solemates is all about helping everyone feel comfortable in their shoes. Remember to stay safe, vigilant, and #wellheeled!

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