3 Resolutions You MUST Keep in 2018

Happy New Year from all of us at Solemates! We are all refreshed from the holiday and looking forward to another year of growth and success. Here are some resolutions from us that we hope will inspire you the same way they have inspired us! Keeping these resolutions this year will not only make your 2018 better, but hopefully many years afterwards as well. 


  1. Drink water.

Water is the essence of life. So many men and women do not drink enough water each day, and so our first resolution is one that will not only help you look better (hello, clear & glowing skin!) but will also make you feel better as well. While also drinking water, be sure to consume food that contains water as well like fruits and vegetables. Aiming for 64oz, and listening to your body, are keys to the foundation of a great year!


  1. Stay organized.

This list may be starting to look like every run of the mill guide to your resolutions, but there is a reason why this one pops up on every single one. Staying organized is crucial to mental productivity. Clear desk, clear mind! Try to stay organized both at home and at the office by setting organization goals, and setting reminders on your phone if you need a little push. At work, try to tidy up for about 5 minutes per day when you need to take a break. Organizing actually helps us feel more relaxed and prepared! At home, try to pick up 10 things per day and sort them into their correct places. While it may not seem like it will make a huge difference, seeing the results after one week, one month (maybe even one year?) will be totally satisfying. 


  1. Value and treasure your belongings.

Investing in items that we hope to hold on to for a long time definitely makes us feel good. However, sometimes we do not always care for our items the way we should. Whether it be a piece of furniture, an article of clothing, a pair of shoes, we sometimes forget the value of our items and we do not treat them as we intended at the time of purchase. It is important to remember that we should care for our items now, to treasure them later. A great tip for some of your favorite shoes is to use Solemates' new leather and suede protector. Keep your shoes looking beautiful, now and forever. 


New years call for new opportunities. Stay hydrated, stay organized, and stay appreciative. Best of luck!


Solemates HQ

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