3 Big Engagement Ring Trends To Look Out For

What better way to kick off 2014 then by talking about some really awesome rocks. And by rocks, we mean engagement rings! These are the big trends you are going to see this year, according to Glamour.com:

Lauren Conrad engagement ring

1. Yellow-gold

Lauren Conrad has one so clearly this is going to be a huge trend. Experts estimate her diamond to be  2-3 carats  and estimate the ring values anywhere between $20,000 – $40,000.

2. "Fancy-cut" center diamond rings

According to Glamour.com, "Engagement rings with 'fancy-cut' center diamonds—such as emerald, cushion, and princess cuts—are trending across all engagement ring styles, including solitaires, halos, and vintage. Cushion-cut diamonds in particular are popular and offer brides-to-be a unique alternative to a classic round diamond while still maintaining its brilliant and timeless nature."

3. Petite Engagement ring settings

"Delicate settings that feature classic solitaire lines with petite diamond accents are rapidly gaining favor. Not only do these settings elegantly and beautifully highlight center diamonds big and small, but they're also generally less expensive than other engagement ring settings," according to Glamour.com

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