10 Ways To Pamper Your Feet and Keep Them Super Healthy

Pretty Feet Rock Pedicure

Did you know it is National Foot Health Awareness Month? Probably not, but that's okay. However, your feet are pretty darn important as they not only give you a reason to buy shoes but also help you, you know, walk. But we do often abuse them with all the wear and tear (we walk an average of 1000 steps a day!) we put on them so here are a few tips for pampering your feet and keeping them in tip top shape. 

1. Wash your feet

In the shower your feet don't often get much attention so why not give yourself a little foot bath? Soak them in hot water with a little liquid soap. 

2. Moisturize

This is great after a foot bath and to do during those skin drying winter months.

3. Massage your feet

Massage those feet (it's especially nice if someone does it for you) with that moisturizer. 

4. Watch those nails

Clip your toe nails twice a week, but don't cut too deep at the corners as this could lead to ingrown toenails.

5. Don't wear flip-flops and flats all the time

Hey, we all love a good flip-flop and ballet flat but they give our arches no support which does not help preserve our feet. 

6. Don't wear heels all the time

Conversely heels will hurt you quite a lot over time as well. They will cause corns, calluses, neuroma of the foot or hammertoes and just general pain all the time. You do want to walk when you are 60 right?

7. Wear protective shoes

Especially if you are doing anything outside and always try to keep your feet dry and clean before putting on shoes. Sneakers are always a good option. 

8. Treat yourself to a pedicure

Just make it is a good salon and all the instruments are clean! 

9. Put your feet up 

And relax! You deserve it! 

10. Use The Solemates Cobbler's Couture to help your feet

It includes:

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